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This page only recommends visual products like movies, trailers, music videos, etc… already published

• We are an independent Cine Club based in Chicago IL. Los Angeles and Mexico City, Our goal is to review and suggest movies that are free to watch on existing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others.

• We also support independent filmmakers and musicians by promoting their short films, feature films and music videos to raise more awareness and exposure for their projects.

• Our platform will also include advertisements related to the film industry. Please note we have no control on advertising that appears on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others.

• CCBFLIX will provide monthly webinars via Zoom covering the “Featured Movie of the Month” discussing directors, cinematography, production, concept, styles, story, etc. 

• The meetings will be in Spanish and English depending on the project.

• CCBFLIX will have an Annual Award Ceremony for Best Actor/Actress, Production, Story, Local Short Films, Feature Films and Music Video.

• A free monthly newsletter with information about events and productions will be emailed to subscribers.

• Casting Calls will also be part of our program for independent actors/actresses/extras.

• Tutorials will be included with various instruction and/or tips on everything film/production related via YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others. We support events like “Movies in the Park” in Chicago and any event involving local short films, feature films and music video releases.

• Any information published on this page is only based on our subscriber’s and team’s opinion.

• We do not support any topic or material that has to do with pornography, politics, religion, social movements or personal beliefs, or any criminal content. We wish to focus on the primary film genres which include action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, musicals, mystery romance, science fiction, sports, thriller, and western films.

• For submissions, the Artist/Owners of the project need to contact our team at and request the forms required. Submitting your project does not necessarily mean your project will be published. Our team will review each submission and determine if the project corresponds with our policies and legal terms. If the project is already on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others, we may publish it depending on the content.

• CCBFLIX team members are all volunteers, we are not a non-profit organization. We are dedicated to supporting Artists and their Art and offering awareness, exposure, as well as discussion.

• We will be reviewing all comments prior to publication. If any of the subscribers send something interesting to share on our page such as behind the scenes footage of a project, photos, posters, free tickets, event dates, etc., we may publish and share it. CCBFLIX’s main goal is to maintain a supportive, respectful, and peaceful platform. We are lovers of the Art of Cinema and hope to encourage, inspire, and educate up and coming filmmakers to continuously nourish and feed their artistic visions. Art Heals.



Rita Marie Tarin / L.A. Management / PR

Joss Gomez / L.A. Informant


Marco Catalán / Developer / PR

Natalia Nicolle Ayala / Developer


Carlos Ayala / Founder

Héctor de Alva / Movie critic

Armando Villegas / Movie critic 

Iris Poupée / Movie critic


Jane Ayala / Management / PR

Carlos Gomez / Mexico Management / PR



Uzo / Uzochukwu Ezeanyaeche / Nigeria Management / PR